It meant more to our father to see how we faced a setback and try to recover than to look at how we managed our successes. There is usually a setback in the wall at ground level, but this practice has not been followed in all rooms. To avoid another unpleasant and surprising setback, the Commission has also called for the establishment of a whistleblower system. There are setbacks, but this applies to any form of nervous ailment. This was one of the most serious setbacks ever suffered by the cause of progress and industrial and social reforms. The lawyer quickly returned after suffering another setback. “Look at his mouth – made for passion – and the back of his throat – “He threw his head back in Clara`s provocative manner. Some Manchurian nuts also suffered a setback with spring frosts, others did not. Of course, that would not be easy; Even Bassam suffered some setbacks in his quest for Abbudin`s liberalization on his own.

Each new setback, invented or not, makes Jarvis “determined not to give the cameras the reaction they need.” This is hardly the “flip side of gay marriage” that some headline-hungry authors have proclaimed. More recently, the comedy legend had suffered a number of personal setbacks. There`s a distinct wave of depression here – maybe I`d better say a period of setbacks has arrived. Despite these setbacks, cryptocurrency veterans believe that yield farming and DeFi are part of a massive and permanent expansion of their industry. Now, to see if ViacomCBS is able to avoid the setbacks that NBCUniversals Peacock and WarnerMedia`s HBO Max have thrown. Despite these setbacks, Susan has always seen great promises in the West and resumed her lectures there. If the vote in New York is passed, which is likely, it will be the biggest setback for e-cigarettes in that country. Seneca encouraged his followers to possess the strength of immunity to setbacks, but he never hid his human touch. The creeping progress the government has been able to make on some fronts is accompanied by setbacks.

It received less than a third of the vote and Sinn Fein suffered a serious setback. He had promised Festing that he would continue the treaty; They had suffered a number of setbacks and the accident would cost them dearly. A withdrawal from the deal would be a rare setback for Arnault, who built his empire through a series of acquisitions and amassed a conglomerate that included everything from Dior fashion to Dom Pérignon champagne. If hostile countries negotiate a treaty, a sudden resurgence of fighting would be a major setback to their peace plan. And if you`re trying to finish cooking in time for your friend`s birthday party, hitting the milk cake on the floor would also be a setback. Setbacks are always frustrating, unless you`re talking about the kind of setback defined as “the removal of a building from the street.” “Regardless of the tactical setbacks, the real problem will be political cohesion in Afghanistan,” he said. The setback comes when a group of international scientists raised questions about a rapidly evolving Russian vaccine, saying some of the results of a study seemed unlikely. A setback is an event where you lose progress or prevent you from gaining ground. If you knit a sweater, dropping a bunch of stitches would be a big setback. We talked about our lives – hopes and fears, loves, successes, setbacks and failures. .

Slow down the progress of, hinder, as in The project was delayed by the frequent absences of employees. [First half of the 1500s] The cost, as in this car cost me twenty thousand dollars. [Familiar; circa 1900] Switch to a lower level or an earlier time, as in We reset the thermostat when we go on vacation, or on October 10 we need to reset the clocks. [First half of the 1600s] Reset, the clock is also used figuratively to mean “back to an earlier era,” as in He Wished He Could Reset the Clock to those carefree days of high school. See also Set Forward…