The agreement itself was intended to bridge the legal gap between the two companies (Oldco and Newco) regarding the conditions under which the SFA would transfer seniority to the SFA and allow Newco`s groups to run a football team in their competitions. It is simply a contract that governs the privileges granted to a new company in exchange for the assumption of certain debts of the old company. From a legal point of view, Newco could not be held responsible for Oldco`s obligations unless it agreed to assume them. That was the pro quo counterpart. In the event of a dispute over the contract, the CAS is clearly competent. It is very strange that the three bodies that oversee Scottish football are meeting with a company that cannot maintain its membership in two of them and can quickly join its newly appointed successor. This agreement will then be kept secret. The “previous agreements between the club and the SFA” probably refer to the five-way agreement between Rangers, sevco, SFA, SPL and SFL. and any other football club that is a member of a national association other than the SFA, Well, if I`m right (in My Hypothetical…), then the agreement did not allow an appeal. of all parties.. rather a total acceptance.. OMG! In this scenario, there is no possibility that the SPL or SFV wants this document to see the light of day. was able to explain his statement after the decision.

and that they do not use the terms of the 5-way agreement….. Could this make his Achilles heel??????? An article from a Taig blogger appeared in my news feed about the famous deal, and I decided to take a look at it. We only have Newco`s statement yesterday to indicate what the notification refers to – they propose the monitoring period and then, only after May 6, 2011, the period when Craig Whyte held a controlling interest (although Dave King was still a director). The testimony was not entirely consistent (another notice of appeal was published 8 months ago, but rejected?). It is also possible that the statement was drafted in haste and confused a written agreement with the SPL and not with the SFV. I would not dwell too much on that statement. Hopefully, the following information will help illustrate that Rangers Oldco`s creditors were narrowly defined in the 5Way and did not allow Newco to impose unlimited liability on Newco. Hello Phil. Now that UEFA has been informed of the 5-way deal, it should do some research to ensure that its rules continue to be ignored by Scottish football authorities. As far as David Owens is concerned, I guess the next question is what they`re going to do now that they know. a miracle what the researchers of us here would do with our top-down shots very interesting articles The “Holy Grail” of Scottish football is, at least for now, the famous 5-way deal. This infamous document was signed between the Scottish Premier League, the Scottish Football Association, the Scottish Football League, RFC 2012 PLC (in liquidation) and Rangers Football Club Ltd.

agreed. Like the Holy Grail, much has been said about it, but never seen except by a few. Tagged as 5 way agreement, Administration of Justice Act (Scotland), Arbitration, Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, Independent Commission SPL Ask football governance. From the Europa League, since they would have nothing on it, they would like an internal copy of the five-way deal, contact Eric Reilly at Celtic and the SFA and a list of signatures that have hidden the Europa League Before the court can issue the order, it is necessary for the plaintiff to prove that civil proceedings are likely to be initiated. and that relevant questions concerning documents may arise in the context of such a procedure. To do so, it must provide sufficient information so that the court can know what the prosecution will consist of and what assistance the documents or other property mentioned will provide in the decision. The claimant must disclose and prove the nature of the claim it intends to make, not only the intention to make it, but also that there is a reasonable basis for making it. A prima facie case must be identified. Media rights and sanctions would have been at the forefront of the agreement: if at this stage everything is revealed, including the correct and correct verification of funding and the fact that their secrecy stinks, especially after what has just happened, we have only given yesterday`s statement from newco what applies – they propose the monitoring period, then, only after the 6th century. May 2011, the time when Craig Whyte had the majority (although Dave King was still a director). The statement was not entirely consistent (another statement of complaint was issued 8 months ago, but rejected?). It is also possible that the statement was drafted in haste and confused a written agreement with the SPL, and not with the SFA.

I do not want to stress that statement too much. I doubt that the Five-Party Agreement was ever signed – that would be too much of a smoke gun – it served as an unassigned discussion paper that all parties involved could get rid of as an early draft. Didn`t the CEO see the 5-way deal? If he doesn`t have it, he doesn`t have to. “After 5 possibilities of agreement, the club is in the process of repaying football debts both in Scotland and abroad” Well, if I am right (in My Hypothetical…), then the agreement offered no way to appeal. of all parties….. full acceptance….. Omg! In this scenario, there is no way that the SPL or SFA would want this document to facilitate daylight. could explain their statement after the decision. Scottish Football League means association football league competition in three The behind-the-scenes deal that has put Scottish football out of shape since 2012 was reached without UEFA`s knowledge. Sevco responded by questioning the SFA`s ability to hear the case.

In fact, they wondered if the SFV even had the right to hear him. It`s the Celtic fans – the winners, the winners, the beneficiaries of the so-called conspiracy – who want to understand these events and what really happened the most, because we know even better that Sevco fans think they`re doing something about it that stinks in heaven. It is this rancid document that supports survival and sacrifice because you cannot understand how we got here without knowing what this document is and what it should do. The document is secret, but what has since surfaced in public is that its existence prevented the SFA from carrying out an investigation it launched in 2011 as part of its judicial protocols into Rangers FC Ltd`s compliance with UEFA FFP, where evidence suggests the license was granted under false deception. Part of this deal, of course, was to give up the prize money for the club`s second-place finish in the 2011/12 season, a sum that still had to be paid to Oldco under SPL rules. The entire installation is rotten to the marrow and is not suitable for this purpose. A gang of incompetent and overwhelmed stowaways. As in the name of God, Campbell Ogilvie is still employed. A fantastic so-called administrator. Did he receive this title from the MSM in Scotland, which is obviously in the pocket of Minty Moonbeams? He wasn`t even sent on vacation to the garden. LNS says there was no athletic advantage. Does he live on the moon? Even Sevco fans knew he had dodged them with this statement of a ball.

Send Sevco into the bowels of English football and send the whole bunch of crooks into the governing bodies with them. Choose another leader from scratch and clear the stench of corruption once and for all from our game we all love. No secrets. No funny handshakes. Open and transparent from day one and if this model is not successful, so be it. At least it would be clean. When will the Celtic board or someone else put their head on the parapet and say what the fans think? After all, they are just the guardians of our big club. Stop saying, “We don`t need it,” raise a couple, and say, “We don`t want it.

Not now or never because the Oldco is dead and the Newco is a nastier, newer version full of hatred and poison. I feel much better now. If the procedure is an arbitration that would apply in a dispute between another football club and oldco, the Arbitration (Scotland) Act 2010 contains the rules of procedure that give the arbitrator the power to order the disclosure of all relevant documents. However, to reach this stage, arbitration proceedings must have been initiated. So UEFA doesn`t have access to the internet, doesn`t read the news, isn`t aware of the famous 2012 Celtic ad declaring Sevco a new club, and isn`t aware of any of the rumors circulating in any industry about what`s going on and where..? With a Scottish match in front of a banner, it would be nice to see the 5-way deal It`s very strange when the three bodies that oversee Scottish football sit down with a company that can`t maintain its membership in two of them and can`t bring its newly formed and appointed successor into the structure. .